Advantages of City Life

Imagine living in Dubai, being home for the weekend and feeling the urge to ski. But there’s no snow. Then imagine wanting to try out some Mexican cuisine and ending your day with some Turkish coffee. To have this kind of variety in entertainment and cuisine may be impossible in rural areas but are readily available in cities. Some of these wants may be whimsical but not if you live in an ultramodern city like Dubai where there is a high standard of diversity in every area of entertainment, cuisine and lifestyle.

With the pace of this technology-driven century, there is a high demand for conveniences and certain amenities that are accessible in cities. There is no doubt at all that village life has some perks like being able to see the stars without the smog, a lack of noise and air pollution and exposure to nature. However, the benefits of city life far outweigh the perks of living in a village. City dwellers live a comfortable and luxurious life due to access to housing, health, educational, entertainment, communication and transport facilities. In fact, in the past few decades, we see the much-needed urbanization of rural areas and an influx of people migrating to cities just so they could have access to some of the basic facilities.
Here is a list of reasons why living in a city trumps village life.

Transport Accessibility

One of the major benefits for people living in the city is access to public transportation. It’s cheap, convenient, you can easily commute to any part of the city and you don’t have to deal with the traffic making it more popular among the working-class people and students. You can take the bus to your work, the bank, government offices, universities, shopping centers, you name it. And let’s not limit ourselves to buses and taxis, there are trains if you’d rather travel to the outskirts of the city and there are also airplanes to get you from city to city. For many of those who prefer remaining fit and healthy, there’s always the options of walking or using a bicycle. Let’s not forget, the usage of these modes of transport is made possible due to the availability of well-maintained roads and a structured transport network system that connects each area of the city, making it easy for your travel from one spot to the other, be it by foot or on wheels.

Variety in Lifestyle Spots

Another advantage of city life is the variety of hotspots for every individual to gain access to. If you’re someone who’s into mountain climbing, there’s an indoor mountain climbing facility. If you’re into opera, there’s bound to be a theatre right around the corner or if you’re someone who just wants to spend some time with your family, you could always visit an amusement park with kids or take them to a family-friendly restaurant. The options are unlimited. Due to the availability of entertainment and recreational facilities like the cinema, restaurants, night clubs, zoos, shopping centers, parks, you can never be bored. City living opens you up to a lot of spots depending on your mood or simply the type of person you are, there’s everything for everyone. And now with the availability of the internet, you could always find trendy spots to enjoy your time off and just be you.

Better Opportunities in Choosing School Institutions

As per the stats, we see more and more people allocating to cities and abandoning rural areas. One of the major reasons is education. Parents work hard for their children and would always want the best for them, be it the clothes they wear, the food they eat or the education they gain. There is a huge variety of educational institutions, making it easier for the parents to choose the best for their kids. Many a time, parents look for convenience when searching for schools. Some would prefer schools closer to their homes because it’s easier to commute or some would prefer schools closer to government offices because it’s safer or it’s where the parents work. Parents also have the option to choose the best institutions for their kids based on their financial status. Education is what leads to a brighter future for brighter minds and a city dweller living in the center of a technology-driven hub would work hard to strive to educate not only himself but his children as well.

More Job Opportunities

City living exposes you to more career options and business opportunities. There’s a job for everyone, the skilled and the unskilled both. Thanks to the internet, today we see more home based businesses gaining popularity. Because cities are a commercial hub for business activities, there are a lot of people moving in from rural areas and being attracted to living in the city. This also attracts businessmen from other cities who see an opportunity and are willing to invest in certain businesses, helping small businesses grow and people to earn a living and live comfortably.

Diverse Social Interaction

Another one of the advantages of city life is the diversity. There’s a diversity in cultures, people, cuisines, entertainment and so much more. With an influx of people from rural areas, businessmen from different countries being attracted to a highly populated city or people from all walks of life wanting to visit different cities, there is an intermixing of lifestyles. This integration of cultures diminishes discrimination and biasness. And when we’re exposed to different people from different cultures or races, we not only learn from their experiences but we in turn share our experiences and a little bit of our cultures.

This social interaction between different communities of people introduces new cuisines and a further launching of new lifestyle spots such as restaurants or little shops that sell knick knacks belonging to a specific country or area, bringing in more businesses to the cities. The most beautiful thing about diversity of cultures is, when we interact with different groups of people, we learn to tolerate, love and respect one another.